Cutlery Care

All Kinnow Cutlery are dishwasher safe, both commercial and household versions. Do not leave cutlery in dishwasher for extended periods of time. Gently stack cutlery in cutlery caddy, taking care not to over load.

Do not leave cutlery for extended periods of time in acidic sauces, dressings and juices. Acid will cause the coating to deteriorate. 

Anatomy of our cutlery


All of our cutlery are made from stainless steel and coated with a differnt Titanium alloy depending on the colour of the cutlery. 


Wholesale enquiries

Kinnow Cutlery graces a number of restaurants around Australia. If you are a restaurant owner and would like to feature Kinnow Cutlery in your restaurant, please e-mail or for pricing

We also stock retailers interationally. If you are a store owner and would like to sell Kinnow Cutlery in your shop please e-mail or for pricing

Hire Enquiries

Kinnow Cutlery provides cutlery hire for weddings and events. We do have a selection criteria for the type of events we will hire to. The event will need to align with our values and aesthetic. Email to apply.