Kinnow Cutlery supplies luxe, modern cutlery to the stylish food enthusiast and the creative dinner host. We create contemporary flatware to bring more joy into to the art of eating.

For Kinnow, hosting is a craft; with particular focus on the aesthetic of the entire dining experience. It shows a measured attention to detail of the host. Creative visions are easily achieved by our product accessibility.

Built on the sun bleached shores of Byron Bay, Kinnow Cutlery has roots in the communal dining scene of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Inspired by the desire to create a holistic dining experience and to reignight the art of hosting in ones homes, Kinnow is created.

Here's the Kinnow challenge; we want you to invite people back into our homes, to share a simple, or extravagant, home cooked meal, over a glass of good wine, and then watch how nourishing to the heart it feels.