How it works

How it works

The fine print!

Each rental period is for three(3) days, not including delivery dates. The cutlery will be delivered the day of the start date selected on the booking form.

Please specify how you would like to receive the cutlery. You may choose to pick it up from a Parcel collection point, or get it delivered to your door. The most reliable way is to collect from a parcel collection point! Kinnow Cutlery is not liable for loss of days due to missed collection of cutlery.

The cutlery will be shipped in a box/satchel and a return label that you can reuse when returning. 

Kinnow Cutlery require a £200 deposit that will be reinstated when the cutlery has been returned washed and in good order.

Returning the cutlery:

Please wash and dry the cutlery and return in the box/satchel provided. Affix the return label and return to your selected parcel drop! 

For the full hire terms, please refer to our Terms of service, SECTION 20